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Moov Music

At Moov Music, we specialise in background music, audio marketing and music licensing solutions for hospitality, fitness, retail and general business sectors.

Major Label Playlists – Music from major label artists including the latest top 40 hits. With more than twelve curated playlists to choose from you will certainly find something to suit the style of your business.

Moov Lite Playlists – All original music, by all original artists means Moov Lite is exempt from OneMusic license fees* With 17 curated playlists to choose from, you’ll have a wide range of music to entertain your customers.

*Exemption only applies to Moov Lite – other music/tv sources may require a OneMusic license

Depending on your AV set up there are 2 options available to deliver music to your business.

Digital Media Player – A simple plug and play device that can be installed by anyone. The digital media player is connected to the Internet to enable quick and easy updates to keep your playlists fresh. Excellent scheduling capabilities so you can have a blend of playlists or various playlists scheduled at different times to suit your customers. (Available with Major Label & Moov Lite).

Tablet –  Supplied with an in-house tablet and access to our Moov Music app, you have access to a selection of specially curated playlists to choose from based on your business style. Moov Music is not a streamed service which means even if the internet drops out, the music will still play uninterrupted, ensuring a consistent music experience for your business. (Tablet is only available with Major Label).

Whatever industry you’re in, Moov Music can provide an exciting instore music experience that suits your business environment and keeps your staff and customers engaged and entertained.

In addition, we provide ongoing Australian-based customer service and technical support for the Moov Music service

Click here to check out the playlist samples or enquire via the form below for a personalised proposal.


A 1800 Onhold customised, professional onhold program is a great way to market your business’s products & services to potential and existing customers whilst keeping them engaged when they’re waiting onhold. 1800 ONHOLD is a full-service music and voice messaging service.

1800ONHOLD Subscription

A fully customised on hold program written & produced for your business with packages available from 2, 4, 6 or monthly updates per year. Pricing on application.

On Hold Program Outright Purchase – 1 fully customised program containing up to 10 on hold messages provided as an audio file for your phone system.

Auto Attendant Messages: Message options include welcome messages with menu options, voicemail, after hours and more. Pricing on application.

On hold messaging equipment is provided if required*. Alternatively, if using a VOIP phone system, our team can liaise directly with your phone technician/provider to have the on hold messaging uploaded directly to your phone system.

In addition, we provide nationwide installation and Australian-based customer service and technical support for the 1800ONHOLD service. 

*Leased under on hold subscription or additional charge for outright purchase

The 1800 OnHold service is complete with program design, copywriting, audio production, and music licensing.

All music featured in our on-hold messages is royalty free and is exempt from OneMusic licensing.

Atmosphere TV

Atmosphere provides 40+ channels of content specifically for commercial use in businesses including Red Bull TV, Drone TV, Paws TV and many more. Plus the ability to utilise your screens as digital signage for advertising.

There are two Atmosphere TV packages to choose from.

With our FREE package, there are no ongoing subscription fees. All channels are ad-supported which means it’s free to play in your business as long as you stream the service for 40 hours per month. The advertisements on Atmosphere TV allow the service to remain affordable, similar concept to the free version of Spotify.

Our PREMIUM package gives you access to the Digital Signage Manager. In just 4 easy steps, you can advertise your products & services on your screen in between the Atmosphere TV content. 

Powered by a simple plug and play Apple TV device. All you need is a TV and internet connection.

If you choose the Free Atmosphere TV package, there are no ongoing subscription fees. Atmosphere  provides amazing content for free in exchange to run advertising within the programming. All channels are ad-supported which means it’s free to play in your business! 

On average you will see an advertisement every 3 minutes from a national brand such as Qantas, Royal Caribbean, Red Bull, Stan or Woolworths. 


From special presentation videos to adding character to your in-store ads, voiceovers with great-quality talents will get your business noticed. Professional voice artists, full audio production and scripting services to deliver high quality voiceover services.

Quality Talents – We hold high standards & only offer the best Voiceover Talents available, saving you the guess work.

Online Delivery – We deliver your file in the format requested, within 48hrs directly into your inbox, ready to use.

Custom Voiceovers – Voiceovers aren’t a one size fits all. If you need a longer piece, different accent or style – let us help!

‘Request a Quote’ for your script via our website and our studio team will be in touch.

Our turn around time is generally 24 – 48 hours upon script approval.

Finding the right voice to speak to your audience can make the difference between a successful ad campaign and a complete dud.

If you aren’t sure what style of voice would best suit your audience, talk to one of the team. We have years of experience in finding the right Voice Talent for the job and we’re more than happy to help.

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