What are the network requirements to stream Atmosphere?

Atmosphere TV performs best on high-speed internet connections. It is designed to remain powered on and connected to the internet.

For the fastest, most reliable speeds we recommend connecting our streaming device to a router or network switch with an ethernet cable or a private WiFi connection.

Atmosphere TV requires a download speed of at least 6-10 Mbps. We recommend running a speed test on the business’s private WiFi from a laptop or smartphone. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for details about the available services in your area.

Guest or public WiFi connections are not supported with our streaming device (Apple TV) since they may be unreliable and bandwidth tends to be limited during high volume hours. Mobile hotspots are also not recommended due to factors such as weak signal, data caps, and unstable network speeds.

Atmosphere TV videos are encoded at 720p and 1080p resolutions to ensure the highest quality of content being delivered. A video will begin playing at the 720p resolution before the app determines if 1080p can be played without issue on the device’s network. If there is enough bandwidth, the device will begin playing the higher quality.

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