The Benefits of Background Music in Restaurants

In a restaurant the right choice of music can engender happiness and communion, fuel the romance of an anniversary date, or provide ambiance to build atmosphere. A vast majority of patrons prefer to have background music playing when they dine out. Studies have shown that restaurant background music has a subliminal effect and can encourage patrons to spend more money on food and drink than they would otherwise.

Background music is a huge part of a restaurant’s success. When you operate a restaurant, you aren’t just selling food and drink, but a full experience built around food and refreshment. The background music you choose will have a significant impact on the experience you create for your customers.

Choosing the Right Background Music for Your Restaurants

If you run a restaurant or a chain of restaurants and aren’t sure what style of background music to select, start by thinking about the brand you want your establishment to portray. In other words, what is the personality of your restaurant?

Are you operating a restaurant that caters to upscale dinnertime business? If so, then lounge, jazz or classical music might be the perfect match. If your restaurant has a looser personality, like a bar or grille, then pop or rock ‘n’ roll might make more sense. Restaurants that focus primarily on international cuisine can benefit from authentic world music playlists while nightlife establishments can focus their music choices towards pop, RnB, rap or dance.

Access a Wide Variety of Restaurant Background Music, through Zoo Business Media

Even for established and experienced restaurateurs, picking out the perfect restaurant background music playlist can be easier said than done. After all, your music choices won’t just depend on the personality of your business, but also on the time of day, or the time of year. Adding to the difficulty are worries about licensing and legality through the PPCA (Phonographic Performance Company of Australia).

Luckily, there is a solution that can help you simplify the process of selecting a restaurant’s background music. Zoo Business Media have been helping businesses with their background music needs in Australia since 1999. Today they have a six-million-song catalogue spanning a broad range of genres— from pop to classical to world music. Zoo Business Media provide the music, custom-build the playlists to suit your business and take care of licensing and rights negotiations. All you have to do is push play to treat everyone in your restaurant to the perfect soundtrack.

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