The Importance of Effective Radio Voice Overs in Your Advertising Campaign

A voice may be the difference between your business’s success or failure. Effective radio advertising can help your business generate revenue on the road to success. Part of that marketing campaign must feature a radio quality voice over. For thousands of companies in Australia, Zoo Business Media has all of the audio visual marketing solutions they need. The company has been in operation since 1999 providing many services including on hold telephone and in-store audio-visual advertising services. One of the company’s specialties is providing radio voice overs.

What Is a Voice Over?

You have undoubtedly heard a voice over if you have ever listened to the radio. You will hear commercials for insurance, energy drinks, and much more while listening to your favourite station. Each of those advertisements uses a professional voice over. A voice over is an effective production technique used in commercial radio and audio advertising. A voice over actor is commissioned to provide their voice for the speaking part. Most business owners and their employees are just not equipped to deliver their company’s message on a radio advertisement. Zoo Business Media can provide the service you need to help your marketing efforts.

Voice over advertising is an important element of an advertising campaign, and great care should be put into the selection of the message as-well-as the voice. Radio advertising, for example, should create the effect of someone visiting the listener. The audience must relate to the speaker for the power of suggestion to be effective. Often the voice alone is enough to convince listeners to believe in the advertising message they hear. We at Zoo Business Media have a vast range of voice talent and have a voice that can convey your message.

Advertising Voice Overs from Zoo Business Media

Our staff at Zoo Business Media have all worked in the television and radio industry. They understand the importance of a voice over and needing one on short notice. Voiceovers NOW! is a quality service we developed that is ready to provide radio voice overs, TV voice overs, and much more at a moment’s notice. You can put your special projects on display with crafted messages, sounds and voices. Whether it’s website audio, a video production, or a traditional television or radio voice over, we at Zoo Business Media have you covered.

With a range of experienced voice actors and announcers to choose from, you can take your business to new heights with a coordinated marketing effort. Select your desired message – funny, conversational, etc. – so that it suits your business. We will add valid, high-quality copyright cleared music that is royalty free. Any PPCA licensing fees related to music are included as a part of your total package. For cost-effective voice over advertising for your business, visit us at or call us directly at 1300 139 913.

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