What Our Clients Say

Discount Drug Stores

Lea Bently
Owner, Discount Drug Store Gardentown

" Thank you so much for your patience and understanding, and your help in giving us some time to think properly about the best solution for us. Thank you to Keith and all the team at 1800 ONHOLD. You are ALL, always so helpful, and are a great team of solutionists! "


Bob Mark
ABN Amro Morgans

" The message really provided a fun and entertaining example of what to expect on the night. We were getting enquires about the event long after selling out, and actually had to ask that the message be taken off the system. Prompt and professional service. Creative and personalised product. Exceptional quality productions. "

Palm Meadows

Michelle Van der Bröek
Palm Meadows Golf Course

" The feedback from our staff and customers has been overwhelming. The extra enquiries have been amazing. It literally makes me shudder to think of how much business we have may have lost without using 1800 ONHOLD! We should have done it ages ago. Thanks guys... without your ‘free trial’ offer, we probably would not have considered this product. "


Marketing Coordinator
Southport Sharks

" There’s always something happening at Southport Sharks, and an event to celebrate Halloween was no exception. They not only wanted to promote the event, but also saw the opportunity to have a bit of fun. Experience also told them Halloween is a popular time to host an event, so on hold messaging was used to help the night stand out from the rest. "

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At 1800 ONHOLD, we provide highly selective audio marketing, by targeting prospective and existing customers.

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