Ever Wonder Where Restaurant Music Originates? Zoo Media Has the Restaurant Music System For Your Restaurant

While sitting at a restaurant, you probably don’t perceive the music you hear in the background. You may think it’s a radio station playing through the restaurant’s speakers, or maybe a playlist designed to put patrons in a particular mood. Restaurants that take marketing seriously use restaurant music systems designed to broadcast specific messages to customers. Zoo Business Media is a leading provider of ultimate music solutions for thousands of Australian businesses. With almost two decades of industry experience, Zoo Business Media continues to provide businesses with a variety targeted music marketing services.

Use a Restaurant Music System to Turn Your Establishment Into the Ultimate Marketing Tool

As a restaurant owner, you want to provide a memorable experience for your customers so that they will spend more money. An excellent way to provide that type of experience is through the use of a quality audio system that delivers not just music, but a message. At Zoo Business Media we can install the Zoo Music Media Player, which allows for the scheduling of music and message programming online. You, the business owner, tell us what type of music and messages you wish to transmit and when. Your music system can be modified daily, if you prefer.

Restaurant owners thinking that installing a Zoo Music media player is a big deal, it is, but only because it will increase the marketing capabilities of your venue. The installation of the media player is simple and requires one square foot of space. It is easy enough to do yourself, but our technicians are always available to do it for you. The unit is set in lightweight steel and built to stand up to a restaurant environment without compromising its sound.

What Customers Say About Zoo Media Music Systems for Restaurants

Zoo Business Media provides music systems for thousands of restaurants across Australia. It also provides in-store audio visual marketing services to recognisable franchise groups Anytime Fitness, Hairhouse Warehouse and The Coffee Club.

Businesses across Australia choose Zoo Business Media for a number of reasons: customers have access to a six-million-song library, can easily customise their in-store messages, and all playlists include PPCA licensing fees. The result is a cost-effective audio marketing solution that helps your business grow. Restaurant owners have control of their marketing messages and music choices. Set the mood in your restaurant with an entirely customisable playlist and if you need help designing a playlist, our expert programmers are always available.

To take advantage of the cost-effective audio visual marketing solutions devised by the professionals at Zoo Business Media, visit and learn more about what we do. For further assistance, call us directly at 1300 139 913 and speak to one of our friendly representatives.

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