A Great Gym Music System Makes Working Out Bearable

After a long day at work you want to head to the gym and get in a solid workout. It will leave you revived and ready to attack whatever tomorrow has in store for you. What you love about where you work out is the gym music system. It keeps you energised and motivated to continue through your routine even when you think about quitting. It’s the music at the gym that helps you navigate your workouts, and it also keeps you coming back for more. Little did you know that laced into your gym’s playlist are marketing messages that cultivate the business-customer relationship. Zoo Business Media has helped numerous businesses, including gyms, with their marketing messages by installing music systems.

A Music System For A Gym Can Keep Members Coming Back

Music does matter when going to the gym. Often a key concern to gym owners, the type of music played can determine the success or failure of their business and member retention. A gym geared toward heavy powerlifters and bodybuilder types may desire more hard rock or metal music. Gyms that cater to women primarily would want to consider playlists somewhat different. Your gym may provide many services – Zumba, martial arts training, massage – which may require different music in various areas of the facility. This is not a problem for the industry professionals at Zoo Business Media.

Zoo Business Media provides music systems for gyms throughout Australia. The company, which began operations in 1999, offers audio visual marketing solutions for thousands of businesses across the country. Gym music is just one area where Zoo Business Media has helped business owners generate revenue, providing an improved customer experience. Included among their major clients is national franchise Anytime Fitness. Other popular franchises like The Coffee Club are also choosing Zoo Business Media to bolster their in-store music and audio visual marketing efforts.

How Zoo Music for Gyms Works

If you are a gym owner interested in gym music systems, Zoo Business Media has a solution just for you. We are the industry leader in audio visual marketing services. As part of our marketing efforts, we provide in-store music and messages designed to drive revenue to your business.

When you take part in Zoo Music, you have access to our six-million-song library. You can control the types of music you want to be played. Our experts can help you with music programming if this is not your area of expertise. We install our own media player that will bring our music library to you via the Internet. Included in the music playlists are targeted marketing messages that are used when you tell us. You are in control of all of the programming, and you can change it daily if needed.

At Zoo Business Media you get cost-effective music and a targeted marketing system designed to generate revenue for your business. All PPCA licensing fees are included and remember, our technicians and account executives can help you customise the messages that your customers hear. For more information, visit us at or call us directly at 1300 139 913.

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