A Great Gym Music System Makes Working Out Bearable

After a long day at work you want to head to the gym and get in a solid workout. It will leave you revived and ready to attack whatever tomorrow has in store for you. What you love about where you work out is the gym music system. It keeps you …read more .

The Science of On Hold Music: Why Music and Onhold Audio Marketing is Essential for Your Business Telephone System

In an ideal situation your business telephone system would be able to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without ever putting a single customer on hold. Unfortunately, no business has the resources, funds or manpower to offer that …read more .

Transform On Hold Telephone Time into Valuable Marketing Opportunities, with On Hold Advertising or ads

Do you have a business telephone system? Do you frequently, or occasionally have to put callers on hold? Do you leave your on hold customers in silence, wondering if they are still connected to the line? Research has shown that a lack of on …read more .

Keep the Communication Lines Open with Your Telephone Customers, with Quality On Hold Messages

On hold music can go a long way towards keeping your customers engaged and on the line, in situations where you have to put people on hold. However, in most cases, music cannot do the job on its own. Customers will understand when your …read more .

The Importance of Effective Radio Voice Overs in Your Advertising Campaign

A voice may be the difference between your business’s success or failure. Effective radio advertising can help your business generate revenue on the road to success. Part of that marketing campaign must feature a radio quality voice …read more .

Ever Wonder Where Restaurant Music Originates? Zoo Media Has the Restaurant Music System For Your Restaurant

While sitting at a restaurant, you probably don’t perceive the music you hear in the background. You may think it’s a radio station playing through the restaurant’s speakers, or maybe a playlist designed to put patrons in a particular mood …read more .

The Benefits of Background Music in Restaurants

In a restaurant the right choice of music can engender happiness and communion, fuel the romance of an anniversary date, or provide ambiance to build atmosphere. A vast majority of patrons prefer to have background music playing when they dine …read more .

Promote Your Business with a Recording from a Professional Voice Over Artist

In starting a business you are embarking on your dream, a journey you have envisioned that will bring success to you and your family. Advertising will play a fundamental role in your business’s success. A correctly executed marketing …read more .

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